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Choice Market at Brooklyn

We bring our love of food from the South West of France, also where we learned to bake pastries and breads - recipes to this day we continue to make in-house at Choice, fresh every day.

Our mission always be “everyone should be able to eat well which is why we aim to keep our prices accessible to all of our neighbors.’’

2005 年,我们在 Clinton Hill 和 Bed-Stuy 交界处开设了 Choice Market,为社区提供一个聚集并享用新鲜自制糕点和当地采购食品的场所,而当时该地区的设施还很餐厅的食谱我们是从法国西南部的家庭料理的感悟而来,包括烘焙糕点和面包的经验 -直到今天,我们仍继续在 Choice 内部制作食谱,每天都是新鲜的。


Choice Market at Brooklyn

Choice Market at Brooklyn

Set Up:Since 2006

Time:Open 8am-8pm 7 days/wk