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Malala Chinese Restaurant

Welcome to Malala Chinese! Our focus is on providing healthy, fresh, and natural dishes to satisfy the modern customer’s tastes and needs.
Our main specialty, Sichuan cuisine, is a Chinese culinary style originating from the Sichuan Province of China. Sichuan cuisine has become very popular in recent years for its bold flavors with the pungency and spiciness resulting from the liberal use of garlic, chili oil and the unique flavor of Sichuan peppercorn called “花椒; huājiāo or Majiao”. The flavor is quite different from the regular chili pepper.
Our best dishes are Malala Dry Pot , Seafood Dry Pot, Malatang and Fish Buckets along with other well known Sichuan dishes such as KungPao Chicken and MaPo Tofu . From our Chef Special menu, you can also customize your dishes by choosing your favorite meats, seafood, veggies, your desired flavor and spicy level. Our chef will create this perfect dish just for you. All of our dishes are made with only the freshest of ingredients with the highest quality to achieve the best flavors and presentation for your satisfaction.



我们最好的菜肴是麻拉拉干锅、海鲜干锅、 麻辣烫和鱼桶以及其他著名的四川菜肴,如宫保鸡丁和麻婆豆腐。从我们的厨师特别菜单中,您还可以通过选择您最喜欢的肉类、海鲜、蔬菜、您想要的口味和辣度来定制您的菜肴。我们的厨师将为您打造这道完美的菜肴。 我们所有的菜肴均采用最新鲜的食材和最高的品质制成,以达到最佳的口味和外观,让您满意

Malala Chinese Restaurant

Malala Chinese Restaurant

Authentic Sichuan Restaurant

Restaurant phone: 718-606-1898

Address : 4202 30th ave Astoria NY, 11103