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Dun Huang (upper west) ⽇本茶

With a history spanning over 1200 years, Japan has developed its own unique tea culture after learning from China. However, there has been a lack of defined standards for the highest quality Japanese tea.

The story of Nippon Cha begins with the Mizoguchi family, tea cultivators in Kumamoto prefecture for more than 400 years. The family adopted the name Ujien Seicha, paying tribute to the source of their tea plants in Uji, Kyoto, and trademarked the name Nippon Cha, meaning "Japanese Tea."

Led by CEO Yoshiki Mizoguchi, an esteemed tea master, Nippon Cha continues the family's legacy of cultivating superb quality tea. Our lineage traces back to Zen Monk Eisai, who introduced Japan to the tea preparation style of tencha, which produces powdered matcha. Eisai's propagation of tea in Uji, Kyoto laid the foundation for Japanese tea cultivation.

In the United States, the Nippon Cha USA team is composed of passionate tea enthusiasts and experts who share a deep appreciation for Japanese tea. With their expertise and commitment to quality, they ensure that the traditions and standards set by Nippon Cha are upheld in every aspect of the business. From sourcing the finest teas to providing exceptional customer service, the Nippon Cha USA team is dedicated to delivering an authentic and premium tea experience to tea lovers across the country.

Recognizing the need for defined standards in the global market, Nippon Cha trademarked the name in 2010 to protect the authenticity and quality of Japanese tea. Our teas bear the Nippon Cha trademark, adhering to strict Japanese standards and ensuring a truly premium experience.

Dun Huang (upper west)

Dun Huang (upper west)

400 Years of Tradition.

Only First Harvest, Single Origin, Japanese Teas & Matcha

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